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What can be long and thin, or short and stubby but still taste good?

Answer: it's lumpia yah filthy animals (ugh childhood memories)

Lumpia is a Filipino version of fried spring rolls filled with ground meat and finely diced vegetables that is rolled in a thin paper-like wrapper. It is a staple in any Filipino gatherings and is almost always paired with a sweet & sour sauce. Lumpia and sweet & sour sauce is like the Bonnie and Clyde of the food scene. Iconic. Inseparable.

The beauty about making lumpia is that you do not have to follow a draconian recipe to make one. It is easy and versatile; you can make it complex or as simple as you want. I highly encourage everyone to try and substitute these ingredients (be it with meat, or the veggies that you plan on using) with something that you already have in the fridge or something that you want to try for yourself.




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