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Humble beginnings

It all started with COVID.

I have been wanting to transition into Digital Marketing (since forever) because I feel restless and burnt out with my current job. For months (or should I say years), I would tell myself I'd start but it never got me anywhere because I was one foot in one foot out. Comfort mixed with not wanting to face failure and rejection were some of the main reasons why I was subconsciously afraid to try.

Then something happened - life and COVID. The entire world closed up and our office was one of the fortunate ones to enforce work-from-home until things get better. I ended up having the free time and energy for myself so I decided to rekindle with my old love.

A little backstory. . .

As a kid, I loved arts and crafts. I painted, wrote poems, did creative writing, and all that jazz. But as I got older, I detached myself from those things because I was compelled to "grow up" and be responsible. In the environment I was in, growing up and being responsible meant that hobbies are deemed useless and a waste of time unless it translates to something with monetary value. Passion and hobbies were foreign to my inner circle. Sadly, that artistic part of me died and was eventually forgotten . . . until now. <p> sob story ends here lol </p>

I did not expect that a pandemic would make me re-evaluate my current life and change my perspective on what, where and who I want to be - for the better. So much growth, acknowledgement of one's self, and reflection (ugh I have a love-hate relationship with this word because it is OVERUSED ahhhhhhh!!!). Of course I am not discrediting the cruel effects of this situation. My thoughts and prayers go out to everyone that have been deeply affected by this.

This is just me documenting my story as I try things that I find interesting. Enjoy <3




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