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4 simple DIYs to spruce up your bedroom corner

I always envision my future house to be filled with things that I made. It gives off a certain je ne sais quoi to a space because of that added personal touch.

For renters, like me, it can be tricky to pull off because we have limitations on what and what not to renovate. There's also an issue on budget and mobility; before I start any project, I always ask myself if I am willing to spend x-amount of money for a project that I may, or may not, be able to take with me when I move out.

Bright spaces and warm tones are my fave because it offsets the dark and cold winter months of Canada. I also keep things organized and functional as possible because of my limited space. When I began updating my room/s, I never knew it would take a long time for a space to be fully decorated. I started with my kitchen and dining room back in June, yet til' today it's not complete.

I will definitely show you the end result once I'm done. But for now, here are 4 simple DIYs to spruce up your bedroom corner - refurbished mirror, wine bottle turned vase, revamped drawer, and a jewelry tray.

What you need:

The process:


  • use a painters tape and cover your mirror with old newspapers.

  • once done, lightly sand the wooden frame of your mirror and wipe the dust away. Sanding is important because it allows the paint to be absorbed well into the wood.

  • use spray paint of choice. Wait for at least 15 minutes before spraying it again if you missed some parts. (I only did one coat since my paint is black).

  • remove the newspaper when dry.

Click here to see what I used >>> painters tape, spray paint, sand paper


  • start by sanding your drawer. Mine had this ugly yellow-orange wood stain so I definitely sanded it a bit rougher and longer to take some of the colour out. Wipe the dust away (I used a damp cloth first, then a dry cloth immediately after to remove the moisture) and let dry.

  • shake/stir your wood stain before using.

  • use a cheesecloth (you can also use an old but clean rag shirt) as your stain rag. Dip your rag in the wood stain and brush it on the non-visible side of your drawer (the side where you face against the wall) to see if you like your new stain or not.

  • Apply one or two coats as desired then let dry overnight. Note: you can also use a varnish for better protection but I just kept it as it because I got lazy and didn't want to go back to Home Depot haha).

Click here to see what I used >>> wood stain, sand paper, cloth


  • use a wine bottle (or an old glass with cool design).

  • add baking soda in a bowl and mix in your paint. My ratio is 1:1 but if you want your mixture to be pastier feel free to add more baking soda. Adding baking soda creates a ceramic finish to your project. I learned this trick from a couple of amazing people I follow on Youtube. Post is here.

  • start painting. Diversify your brush strokes to create more texture to your vase.

Click here to see what I used >>> No link because I had a custom colour sample.

It's Behr Marquee in semi-gloss, base: MQ334, STR#7312, EL 86, RUL 58, YL 98.

Hope this helps :)


  • grab a desired amount of clay and work them in your hands to condition until it's soft. You can pinch, twist, fold, etc.

  • create your desired shape. I free-handed mine because I wanted to go for that splattered egg-white look (without the yolk).

  • follow the instructions on your polymer clay when baking then set aside to cool.

  • use acrylic paint (add baking soda if you want to achieve a texturized look again) then paint.

Click here to see what I used >>> clay

Final look:

And here it is!

If you have any questions, let me know down below. You can also check out my Instagram for more images and videos of DIYs.




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